The Importance of Back Translations

Quality assurance is vitally important, especially within certain industries such as the medical sector or pharmaceuticals. Documents that are required to be translated for these sectors are under a much higher level of scrutiny that other forms of translation due to the fact that a mistranslation or an inaccuracy can cost a fair amount of money and cause untold reputational damage to all concerned. Back translations are one way to ensure that quality assurance is taking place and that all bases are covered.

What is Back Translation?

Back translation is the translation process that takes place between the forward translation back into the original source language. So a document may have been translated into a new language from the source material, and the back translation will then be looked at and worked backwards. In many cases the translators working on the back translation will not have any prior knowledge of, or be able to see the original document that the forward translation came from. The team working on a back translation might not even have a full appreciation of the objectives of the original content.

The process of back translation is really important, and helpful, within certain sectors and across languages were there might be significant cultural differences and nuances to be aware of. As a way of adding an extra layer of protection from legal issues further down the line, back translation ensures extra quality checks and accuracy for clients and is a great process to be used to avoid errors in decision making and agreements that are made directly as a result of the text at hand.

One of the key benefits of back translation is that it does offer that extra level of security, which puts a clients mind at ease. A client that goes to a professional translation service is always looking for the most accurate translation as it has to be completely right for the intended reader in a new language. Back translations from professional translators provides a nuanced assessments of the translations that have already been prepared, looking at the minutiae and fine detail that adds a gilded edge of accuracy, transparency and integrity of all documents.

 So many businesses are now looking to speak to an audience spread throughout the world, in many different countries, languages and dialects. Back translation services from high quality professional translators gives clients peace of mind that the work they are translating is as accurate as possible and won’t offend a new audience, contain inaccuracies that could cost the company money or legal problems further down the line. This is through a process of extra security in terms of the accuracy of the information at hand.