English Is Probably The Second Language You Should Learn

Many industries have exploded over the past few years, with countries both large and small working together all over the world to create a far more complex global economy. In many ways, it has actually become quite necessary for any nation that wants to participate in the global economy to carry on healthy relationships with each other.  And because of that, there has never been a better time than now to learn a language than your official language, especially since the very same technology that allows business to proceed as it is also contributes to this type of learning.


Many countries have an official Robotel language, though not all do. An “official language” is really only necessary when a country has a large government with lots of official meetings and proceedings.  Indeed, it is important to choose a shared tongue when you have a lot of people who need to meet and discuss social, economic, political issues.  After all, everyone in the room needs to be able to understand each other.


These days, of course, you can use one of many translational mobile apps and other software to help you communicate with people all over the world.  But even with technology, there is nothing quite like actually learning a new language. And many people in the world actually speak more than one language: typically an official first language and then a second one that is also close to home. For example, many people in Latin America learn Spanish first and then, often, English second.  In Canada, French and English are both commonly learned.


Although English is not the most commonly spoken first or second language in the world, it is regarded as the official language of international business.  As a matter of fact, more people in the world speak English as a second language than speak it as a first language!  Of course, the United States is a major contributor to the global economy, but the European Union is also important—and both regions share English as a common tongue.  All in all, then, if you do not know English but you think you might want to work in a global industry or travel the world, English could be the language you should learn.